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What You Need to Know About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

On SEO Companies:
All SEO companies perform similar analyses and activities using similar tools in getting their clients better search engine placement or positioning. 

Pricing plans for SEO services can be complicated, so if pricing is not clearly stated on their website or you cannot understand the pricing plan -- look elsewhere!

Make sure you have access to work directly with the actual "optimizer" in the SEO company. 

The search engine industry changes frequently, as does the way in which they rank pages so consider opting for a monthly service to maintain any rankings you achieve. At the least, make sure the SEO company has a monthly service option available and it is documented on their website. 

Be cautious about unrealistic SEO promises like: "Guaranteed Top 3" and "immediate placement". And, if the SEO does offer ANY type of guarantee, make sure it is simple and understandable. Reputable companies generally DO NOT make guarantees!

Free initial "Ranking Reports" are useless and worth exactly what you pay for them! Without the proper keyword phrase research, ranking reports are meaningless.

Keyword Research is critical in achieving better search engine placement or positioning. Because it takes so much work, such a report will likely not be available free of charge. But do what you can to convince yourself that the SEO provides adequate keyword research using the latest tools.

Links, Links, Links... Quality links to your site from other sites is KEY these days. If you are in an industry that is competitive to ANY degree, make sure your SEO company can and will execute a linking campaign for you.

On Search Engines:
There are thousands and thousands of search engines, meta crawlers and directories on the internet --- Most of them Don't Really Matter! Charts developed by two well respected internet rating firms (Jupiter Media Metrix and NetRatings) are available at Search Engine Watch that clearly show a small number of search engines and directories dominate search activity on the internet. 

Less than 1 in 20 people bother to look past the second page of any search result. If your website is not listed in those two pages, virtually nobody finds or looks at it.

It takes time for many of the major search engines and directories to include your listing after submission. If you are looking for immediate results (listings) you have to secure pay for submission, pay for inclusion or pay-per-click services

On Getting Better Search Engine Placement or Positioning:
It Takes Time!  It can take up to 6 months to get a major search engine like Google to include your site in it's index and assign permanent rankings. Then, if the assigned ranking is not high enough, it can take months more to significantly improve that ranking.

Keyword research, keyword research, keyword research -- Good keyword research is a MUST in getting better search engine placement or positioning that will translate into increased quality traffic to your website.

If you are in an extremely competitive business, top rankings (top 3, 10 or even first 2 pages) may not be possible -- especially on a small budget. If you find yourself in this position, think "regional". Any SEO company should be aware of and able to explain how regional keyword targeting can reduce your competition.

Use quality website content and accepted search engine optimization methods to achieve better search engine placement or positioning. Using trickery and trying to fool or outsmart the search engines may get your banned from the search engines altogether. 

Actively Manage Your Reciprocal Links to achieve what the search engines are looking for in QUALITY RELATED linking content. Clients, because of their unique knowledge of their business, can and must participate in this process to ensure maximum potential for rankings. 

There is NO magic bullet! Unfortunately, nobody has a magic formula to consistently get and keep the top ranking with the search engines. The search engine environment is in constant flux -- what works well at one site this month, may not work well the next. It takes time and tenacity to get and maintain good rankings.

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Bing is VERY different than AdWords and it takes more more to manage. If does not generate the volue that AdWords does. BUT, in many cases, Bing Ads produce up to 20% lift in conversions through from PPC ads.
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