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Position Concepts is a Professional Dallas based firm offering Keyword Research, Consuting and Google Adwords PPC Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management Services.
Google AdWords Pay-per-Click This is one of the hottest advertising mediums on the Internet today. If done properly, IT WORKS WELL, QUICKLY and produces a positive ROI!
What Are the Keys to Success with Google AdWords? Simple: Experience, Good Keyword Research, Measurement and well written Ad Copy!
Can't we run our own Google Campaign? Yes... If you are willing to study the discipline hard enough, you probably can.

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Position Concepts Google AdWords Campaign Management Services

Did You Know...

  • If you are not a professional in this field and you are managing your own AdWords account, YOU ARE LIKELY LOSING MONEY OR NOT MAXIMIZING YOUR ROI.

  • If you are not familiar with the term "negative keywords" or don't understand how to use them, YOU ARE DEFINITELY WASTING MONEY IN ADWORDS.

  • If you have not done proper keyword research with GOOD keyword tools,  YOUR CAMPAIGNS ARE NOT OPTIMIZED FOR  MAXIMUM ROI. 

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Google AdWord Campaign Setup 
Generally can start at around $750 per campaign, but can vary widely depending on number of required keywords, keyword research requirements and construction time.

This includes:
  - Thorough keyword research (Using our clients knowledge of his/her business and our experience and tools; We identify as many potentially profitable target keywords as possible)

 - Developing effective advertising copy (Each Google adgroup is setup with ad copy that best targets the keywords in that adgroup)

 - Setting up your Google AdWord account.

 - Determining an appropriate budget based on Google estimates and your budget allotments.

Google AdWord Campaign Management Fee
Charges are based on hourly rates. Please call for more details.

This includes:
 - Monitor your Google AdWord campaign for impression and click through effectiveness.

 - Adjust your keywords and ad copy to maintain effectiveness. 

 - Teach you how to access your campaign reports on Google

 - Provide AdWord consultant services as required.

These costs DO NOT include:
- Google's AdWord campaign activation fee (Currently $5).

 - The actual "click" charges. Google will bill these directly to the account owner via credit card payment.

 - Setup or management in excess of 50 keyword phrases per campaign. For keywords in excess of 50, please contact us for a quote. 

Ask Position Concepts TODAY... 

  • Can we make effective use of Google AdWords to grow our business?

  • Can we improve our existing Google AdWords campaign?

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SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is marketing your company's website using Internet search engine features to achieve visibility in both organic search results and PPC sponsored listings.

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Google AdWords PPC (or Pay-per-Click) is a subset of Search Engine Marketing where sponsored listings are used to generate visibility to your website throughout the Google partner network.

Yahoo PPC Services
Yahoo PPC (or Pay-per-Click) is similar to Google AdWords. It is used to generate visibility to your website throughout the Yahoo partner network.

MSN AdCenter Management
The new MSN AdCenter PPC engine went live May 1, 2006. Yahoo no longer delivers ad to MSN -- you must use the MSN AdCenter to advertise at MSN!
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We spent a long time preparing to deliver this service and rolled it out in late 2004. It's a effort few SEM professionals care to tackle... It's hard work... But IT IS REWARDING!

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