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Pay Per Click Tips for Small Business Trying to Manage Their Own PPC Accounts.

There is MUCH, MUCH more to learn than what I offer here... BUT, if you will learn these Pay Per Click tips, you will have a chance and not waste tons of money!

#1) Both Google Adwords and Bing allow the use of the keyword "match type" called "modified broad match" -- use it!

Let's say that your keyword for example is Western Belts. Do NOT use Westerm Belts --Instead use +Western +Belts.

This forces Google and Bing to ONLY display your ad if BOTH the words "western" and "belts" are use by the searcher.

(You may also try the match types Exact and Phrase. BUT, NEVER USE PURE BROAD MATCH TYPE!)  Learn More...

#2) Learn to use "Negative Keywords" in your pay per click campaigns and adgroups. Both Google Adwords and Bing allow these.

We cannot stress the importance of learning and using "Negative Keywords" properly. Learn More...


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Google AdWords Management
Google AdWords PPC (or Pay-per-Click) is a subset of Search Engine Marketing where sponsored listings are used to generate visibility to your website throughout the Google partner network.

Bing (MSN AdCenter) Pay Per Click Services
Bing is VERY different than AdWords and it takes more more to manage. If does not generate the volue that AdWords does. BUT, in many cases, Bing Ads produce up to 20% lift in conversions through from PPC ads.
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SEM Research and Articles
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Pay Per Clicks Tips
If you are a small to medium sized business and have to manage your own Pay Per Click account; Use some of these simple PPC tips -- they will help YOU save money on clicks in your PPC account and increase your profit.

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Jim & Bill Hartzer are Founders of the Dallas /Ft Worth Search Engine Marketing Group
"There is no one I could recommend more highly for his knowledge, integrity, performance, and above all, his brutal honesty than Jim Gilbert."  Darren Fauth
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Since I started working with Jim he has organized my online advertising campaigns, taken the tedious work out of my hands, and more importantly has got my business to a profitable place... I couldn’t imagine someone else taking care of my accounts.
Scott Haggard
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