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Position Concepts is a Professional Dallas based firm offering Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Keyword Research, SEM/SEO Consuting and PPC (Google Adwords and Overture) Pay-Per-Click Services.
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We do business with a lot of people -- some good some bad. Feel free to read our opinions on both, but remember they are only our opinions. And, read the disclaimer.

Before leaping on a cheap web hosting company visit their forum and make your own informed decision.

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One great way to get a feel for the quality of a hosting company is to visit their own forums. Keep in mind that forums are never filled with praise, 
As reported by one of our clients, they [the client] had some terrible experiences with a host and the forums of that host confirmed they were not the only ones. But as with all our opinions, we recommend you make your own informed decision and suggest you do a full review. You may want to start with the following:

Visit the Company's Forums
One great way to get a feel for the quality of a company is to visit their own forums. Keep in mind that forums are never filled with praise, however, a forum filled with "flame" can be a good indicator of problems.

Visit an Independent Active Hosting Related Forum
There are a few, but we have personally used the following one when doing reviews of website hosting. Make sure to use the onsite search mechanism to find all mentions of a particular hosting company. 


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Search Engine Marketing
SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is marketing your company's website using Internet search engine features to achieve visibility in both organic search results and PPC sponsored listings.

Google AdWords Management
Google AdWords PPC (or Pay-per-Click) is a subset of Search Engine Marketing where sponsored listings are used to generate visibility to your website throughout the Google partner network.

Yahoo PPC Services
Yahoo PPC (or Pay-per-Click) is similar to Google AdWords. It is used to generate visibility to your website throughout the Yahoo partner network.

MSN AdCenter Management
The new MSN AdCenter PPC engine went live May 1, 2006. Yahoo no longer delivers ad to MSN -- you must use the MSN AdCenter to advertise at MSN!
Link Building Services
We spent a long time preparing to deliver this service and rolled it out in late 2004. It's a effort few SEM professionals care to tackle... It's hard work... But IT IS REWARDING!

SEM Research and Articles
These articles are FREE and provided as educational tools to our potential and existing Search Engine Marketing clients.

internet marketing ninja training and tools

Insist on doing it yourself? Great, start by getting some training from the worlds experts in PPC, SEO and Internet Marketing.

SEM Advice!
Looking for Internet specific services -- Like an Internet trademark infringement lawyer / attorney?


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